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NT Scheduler

SurfDirector is an internet teaching tool unlike anything now available. Effectively teach and supervise students using the internet.

Performs scheduling tasks for local or remote execution of jobs during given days and times using the Microsoft Lan Manager API (netapi32.dll). Provides information on the scheduled jobs to local or remote Windows NT workstations. This function is designed solely for Windows NT (Workstation or Server).

For a free download go to: http://www.sourcecodeonline.com/details/nt_scheduler.html.

New In This Version:

  • Improved User Management Interface
  • New Student Configuration Interface
  • New MSI Installer

Core Product:

  • Six levels of student internet control
  • List student’s browser URLs and running applications
  • Send messages to students

Scheduling Software Vs. Dispatching Software

Scheduling utilities should not be confused with dispatching software. Dispatching software is usually industry specific. Although electronic scheduling is also involved in dispatching, products like HVAC dispatching software from Field One are based on business specific functions to control and utilize scheduling for dispatching purposes.